Cancer immunotherapy — treatments that harness and enhance the innate powers of the immune system to fight cancer—represents the most promising new cancer treatment approach since the development of the cancer treatment in the late 1940s.


Because of the immune system’s extraordinary power, its capacity for memory, its exquisite specificity, and its central and universal role in human biology, these treatments have the potential to achieve complete, long-lasting remissions and cancer cures, with few or no side effects, and for any cancer patient, regardless of their cancer type.


For last 8 years, Dr Bindra’s Superspecialty Clinics under able leadership of Dr MS Bindra has been the pioneer in advancing this highly promising new class of treatment. Cancer immunotherapy today is a highly active and exciting field, with unprecedented potential to deliver on the decades-long promise of discovering, developing, and delivering safe and effective treatments that make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients fighting the disease.

How Cancer Immunotherapy works?


Immunotherapy is a new class of cancer treatment that works to harness the innate powers of the immune system to fight cancer. Because of the immune system's unique properties, these therapies may hold greater potential than current treatment approaches to fight cancer more powerfully, to offer longer-term protection against the disease, to come with fewer side effects, and to benefit more patients with more cancer types.

How Cancer Immunotherapy works?

Immunotherapy or alternative cancer treatment has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. The inability of conventional medicines to provide complete relief to the patients of cancer has made doctors to turn to the age-old wisdom and develop therapies for cancer treatment. 


Immunotherapy proposes patients to use diet, exercises, herbs, devices and chemicals to make their body strong so that it can resist the onslaught of diseases like cancer.


Consuming more of vitamin C, D, iron and folic acids and being active are all part of the regime of immunotherapy. Many clinicians claimed to have achieved success to the great extent. They have taken their researches to higher levels and devised alternative cancer treatments. 


In India Cancer Care Centre is amongst the few Cancer Hospitals/Clinics who took the onus on them to find a remedy to the suffering of people. The increase in the number of people affected by blood cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, and lung cancer made us to think of developing alternative cancer treatment in India. 

There are hundreds of hospitals in India where conventional cancer treatment is available, but most of these are located in big cities and out of reach of common people. Moreover, the treatment is so costly, time consuming and painful that most of the patients die of side effects rather than due to the cancer after wasting their hard earned finances. We all know that how chemotherapy can sometimes cause side effects that often become unbearable to the patients.


Dr. Bindra is one such cancer specialist in India who appreciated the situation very well and used his knowledge to develop alternative cancer medicine protocols keeping in view the cost effectiveness and result oriented regimes to save cancer patients with ease and gentle therapies.


Dr.Bindra’s Superspeciaty Clinics is a renowned Homoeopathy specialty healthcare service provider serving patients from 18+ countries since 2010. We strictly strive for the highest standards of healthcare delivery across the world, where care is provided to the patients at an affordable cost. Dr.Bindra’s is offering the best in the field of Homeopathic specialty services like Cancer, Heart Care, Kidney Care, Women Care, Child Care, Hormonal Diseases, General Medicine and we are providing specialty clinical training to the medical professionals, being the world’s 1st & only Homoeopathy hands on specialty training providers.

Being world class Homoeopathic Speciality clinic, Dr.Bindra's has gained a worldwide reputation as a centre of excellence and innovation in the diagnosis, investigation and treatment of patients with diseases related to all systems of human body. Dr.Bindra's is led by exceptional medical team who are leaders in their respective fields. These medical leaders are determined to push hard for excellence in medical care and research in their perspective specialties.


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In memory of a gem in heavens Sdn.Manjeet Kaur Bindra

- In memory of Sdn.Manjeet Kaur Bindra -

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